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Jamaica Born. UK Raised & Educated.


Much Ado
About Carol

A two-time Kennedy Award nominee for Dramaturgy, Carol Douglas Welter is the author of stage productions About ClarenceCranes, and Who Is Phyllis Wheatly.


Currently, Carol is layering her prior education from a UK Shakespeare Conservatory through the Clayton State University theatre program with a double major in Psychology.  The intention is to combine the two studies, creating Forums for Social Change and Intimacy Coaching for the stage.


Carol's recent UGA Master Gardeners award put her on a quest to save the Monarch butterflies by creating, Monarch Waystations across the state of Georgia and preserving meadows for wildlife internationally.

Carol will have three publications in circulation this year: PALAVA, a book of poems, MCGREGOR WOMAN, a book of short stories, and SO WHAT ABOUT CLARENCE , a book of stage plays. Her collection of unpublished writings includes a series of short plays, written for an online format or live stage. Look out for Amn 2120, a futuristic AI story about three award-winning minority women who accidentally create a slave society and Voices, the story of an African Attorney who morphs into another being after midnight.  Sunflower is a tone poem told through dance and dialogue.  Sunflower takes audiences on the journey of a seed, carried by birds and wind across the world. The theme in this work covers the mystery of death and resurrection, a recurring theme in Carol’s writings.

Outside of her passionate works, Carol enjoys storytelling, sword fighting, gardening, walking in the woodlands, and humor in every genre.

Let's connect and raise the collective vibration.

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